Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment 

INTRAMA is committed to a continuous effort to follow and promote good sustainability practices, to reduce the environmental footprint of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

Our commitment embedded in our corporate culture and built upon the main sustainable development principle is incorporated into our all economic, environmental and social decision- making. 


Our Responsibility 

As a company providing complete packaging solutions for the food industry and the biggest producer of multi-layer barrier packaging in Bulgaria, at INTRAMA we take long-term sustainable development seriously.

From sourcing to production, INTRAMA is keeping sustainability and environmental protection in mind. We prefer to work with certified suppliers and tend to re-evaluate suppliers who do not comply with our sustainable policy.

We use only FSC certified paper in our label production which guarantees the balance between ecological, social and economic aspects.

For our barrier packaging production we work only with the most technologically advanced resins allowing us to produce high-quality with reduced environmental footprint flexible films.

Our new plant for production and printing of flexible packaging is among the most modern on the Balkans, incorporating last generation technical equipment and comprehensive environmental systems to maximize efficiency and minimize used resources.

Responsibility extends to society. Beyond creating jobs, INTRAMA’s efforts towards society include participation in charity initiatives, supporting cultural activities; children sport clubs sponsorships, etc.  


The 4Cs approach to responsibility

It all comes down to our belief that being a responsible company means doing good for the clients, country, community and climate.  


Our Program: Reduce for a Better Planet Use

In order to help our flexible packaging clients to reduce their environmental footprint, we have developed a sustainability program


Our sustainability program is a result of intensive research and analysis of market trends, customer needs and of the influence of political, economic, social-cultural, technological, legal, and environmental factors.

As part of the global initiative SAVE FOOD aiming to prevent food waste, our sustainability program long-term objective is to extend food product shelf life with minimum impact on the environment.   

In the short term REDUCE FOR A BETTER PLANET USE supports our clients to build up a more sustainable product portfolio in the context of the sustainability goals defined by the EU for a circular economy and waste reduction.

The process of engineering state of the art flexible packaging films for our program REDUCE FOR A BETTER PLANET USE has gone through a number of stages. The actual result is the thinnest 11-layer laminated high-barrier film with anti-fog available on the market worldwide.

INTRAMA’s ultra-thin 35 microns film is suitable for various packaging technologies and all kinds of products requiring barrier packaging.  

The outcome of a successfully implemented program is measured from an economic, environmental and social point of view. By adopting the developed instrumentarium for the program our clients, on the one hand, achieve cost-effective packaging processes with reduced environmental footprint and on the other hand guarantee same shelf life for their products.


Please download our sustainability program here.


The document itself is a comprehensive guide, but also an engine for discussion to drive sustainability forward into the future.

At INTRAMA we very much agree with the proverb “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”