1993 - Establishment of INTRAMA Services GmbH in Berlin, Germany and laying the foundations of INTRAMA Group. Currently INTRAMA Services GmbH is based in Bremen and it is the owner of all companies in the Group.

1994 - Establishment of INTRAMA Invest in Dobrich, Bulgaria.

1995 - First participation at the exhibition Technical International Fair in Plovdiv. The first machine is sold.

1997 - Opening of the first regional office in Lovech, Bulgaria.

1997 2000 - Building of the regional sales and service structure in Bulgaria

2001 - Establishment of INTRAMA DOOEL in Macedonia, Strumica

2004 - The management of INTRAMA is moved from Dobrich to Sofia.

           - INTRAMA starts extrusion of films and pouches for vacuum packaging. In a small workshop in Asenovgrad is put into operation the first three-layer extruder for tube film from 70 to 250 mm. The installation was designed and assembled by employees of INTRAMA and with the support of local experts.  In the production in Asenovgrad are involved total 5 employees.

2005  - Opening of the new base INTRAMA in Sofia, German. The new building includes an office sector, warehouse, logistics and production facilities with a total area of ​​5 415m2.

2006 - Extrusion of films and pouches is increasing and is implemented another extruder for 3-layer tube film from 200 to 500 mm.

            - The first export of films and pouches is already done - Macedonia is the first country in Europe where INTRAMA exports its products.

2007  - The production of films and pouches moved from Asenovgrad to the new production building in Plovdiv.

            - Establishment of INTRAMA S.R.L. Romanian in Timisoara

2008 - Implementation of the third three-layer extruder for tube film from 200 to 500 mm. All activities related to the production of films and pouches are concentrated in Plovdiv.

         - Establishment of a new company in the Group - INTRAMA Protek EOOD with main activity production of films and pouches for vacuum packaging.

2009 - The Constructor’s department of INTRAMA start the elaborating of a prototype for thermoforming packaging machine. The prototype successfully passed all necessary tests and is ready for its launch on the Bulgarian market.

2010 - The first sale of thermoforming packing machine INTRAMA Pioneer in Bulgaria.

          -  Installation of last generation printing machine GALLUS with capability of 7-color flexo printing and cold stamping foils application. The printing of self-adhesive labels is already part of the company's product range.

2011 - The first export of Thermoforming packaging machine made by INTRAMA is accomplished in Macedonia

2013 - The first sale of thermoforming packing line under the brand INTRAMA Accent

           - Establishment of INTRAMA Kosovo Shpk in Kosovo

           - Several months later is established INTRAMA SRB in Serbia.

2014 - Installation of the fourth extruder for 5-layer film for vacuum packaging. The extrusion head is purchased according to the Operational Program „Innovation and competitiveness" to the European Regional Development Fund.

           - INTRAMA starts the production of 10-layer bottom film for thermoforming packaging machines.

           - INTRAMA makes its first export of films and pouches for vacuum packing outside Europe - in South Africa.

           - INTRAMA DOOEL, Macedonia makes an official opening of its new building in Strumica.

2015 - Installation of the fifth 3-layer film extruder from 200 to 500 mm in Plovdiv.

2016 - INTRAMA makes Ground-breaking of its new production plant for flexible packaging in Trakia Economic Zone in Plovdiv. There will be constructed manufacturing, logistics, warehouse and administrative offices on area of ​​13 217 m2. The planned investment amount is about 20 million levs and is going to provide about 110 workplaces.

         - Starting the production of automated loading device BELUGA

2017 - Establishment of INTRAMA Albania Shpk in Albania

         - INTRAMA invests in a new flexo-printing machine for labels. As a result of this investment INTRAMA offers 8-color flexo-printing of labels on rolls with shorter delivery terms. 

2019 - The production and printing of flexible packaging in the newly built highly technological plant of INTRAMA in Trakia Economic Zone in Plovdiv is BRC certified for packaging and packaging materials.

         - Starting the production of automated loading device INTRAMA robIN

2023 - The advanced method for controlled thermoforming INTRAMA TF Control is patented 

Currently - Over 236 employees are working at INTRAMA. We successfully created our team, corporate structure and production facilities. We have been working hard already for over 25 years and keep going forward.