General Sales and Delivery Conditions

  1.  Offers: Requests are accepted only if received in written form. Any oral price agreements and or discussions will not be considered valid. 


  1. Orders: It is necessary to provide a full description of the product you would like to order. Any claims that are outside the offered terms or any oral arrangements and explanations will not be considered. No liability is assumed if the customer has not provided sufficiently comprehensive information in his order and has therefore caused a product failure. 


  1. Payment conditions: Everyone is required to observe the contractual payment terms. 


  1. Product storage: We are not liable, and we do not accept warranty claims if, despite our written storage instructions, they are stored and handled incorrectly.  


  1. Claims: The customer should immediately or at least not later than sixty days after delivery, notify us of any anomalies or defects of the delivered goods and provide a sample and photos of the material which is subject to a complaint and copy of the label. All claims will be accepted only in written form. We reserve the right to ask for additional materials, in case the ones you have already submitted are not enough to establish the fault. After receipt of the necessary samples, we will provide you a written statement concerning the claim within thirty working days. 


  1. Printing clichés: Customer’s printing clichés are stored for a period of one year since the last order date. After that, they are destroyed by cutting them.