INTRAMA has a modern printing house with technology that allows production of labels on rolls with up to 8 colors.
Printing technology: UV - Flexo

The most commonly used materials are self-adhesive paper, cardboard and foil (PP, PE, PVC, etc.). In addition to our capabilities are printing on the back of the labels, die cutting and perforation of labels with regular and irregular shapes, cold foil stamping, varnishing, confection roles on specification.

Based on our experience, and to ensure unstoppable working process of our customers, we provide complete professional labeling solutions. Depending on the different conditions in the production, different types of packaging or preprinting devices, we offer labels for direct thermal, thermal transfer or ink-jet printing applications in standard or aggressive environment.

We keep a constant stock of different adhesive paper and films for labels, which are used in standard or aggressive production conditions – with temperatures of application and storage of the products between –40 to +80°C, under the conditions of the condensation, wet, fats or other textures on the surface of sticking.

We have our own prepress department, specializing in various types of labels and their functionality. Our customers can rely on the assistance of our designers while they create a new vision, corrections on existing design, consultancy for marketing positioning strategy of the final products.


Thanks to our experience and knowledge not only on labels but also on the conditions and on the entire method of labeling on different packages, we provide a comprehensive service for an effective and continuous process to our customers.
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