INTRAMA Accent is thermoformer for vacuum and modified atmosphere. Packaging in rigid and flexible film.

INTRAMA produces thermoforming machines for vacuum and modified atmosphere in full compliance with all established European directives and standards.


Advanced method for controlled thermoforming



  • Reliable protection of your product due to the more even film drawing along the walls and the corners of the packaging;
  • Waste reduction;
  • Stop throwing film and food away;
  • Change of the packaging forming depth through a thermoformer’s control panel with saved desired settings – fast, easy and convenient;
  • Start packing with up to 20% thinner bottom films. This is possible even at deep forming;
  • Reduction of the ecological impact of your activities;
  • The advantageous economic effect of all this is a certain and continuous indicator.


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INTRAMA Accent is result of the long-standing professional experience of the company in the field of packaging solution and is designed to ensure:

  • High reliability and operational safety 
  • High degree of functionality to suit the client's individual needs and requirements
  • Simple control of the work process and easy maintenance
  • Hygienic design
  • Perfect vision of the packaged products

INTRAMA is putting an Accent on the customer’s individual needs– each machine is tailor made and constructed  regarding your individual requirements.

You have the unique opportunity to be directly involved in the development of your machine




Technical details:
  •          Dimensions 3500; 4400; 5000; 6000 mm (L)1105 mm (W) x 1900 mm (H)
  •          Operating height of 930 - 980 mm
  •          Loading area 450 – 1380 mm
  •          Cut-off lengths 120 – 460 mm
  •          Max. forming depth 100 mm
  •          Max. output approx. 7 cycles per minute
  •          Power supply 3 Ph N / PE, 400 V, 50 Hz
  •          Max. power consumption 8,5 KW
  •          Air consumption approx. 40 - 100 l per cycle
  •          Air inlet pressure 6 – 10 bar
  •          Cooling water consumption approx. 120 l per hour
  •          Vacuum pump Busch or Rietschle
  •          Max. film widths 355 or 420 mm
  •          Max. roll diameter 350 mm (top) - 450 mm (bottom)
  •          Core diameter 76 mm
  •          Options: Longer loading area; Closed cooling system