Flexible Solutions for Flexible Packaging!

INTRAMA produces the thinnest 11-layer high barrier laminated film with anti-fog in the world: Top In L HB HT 35 AF for packaging with tray sealers and flow-pack machines. 

Using one of the most advanced technologies in the world we are producing multilayer blown co-extruded films with a thickness from 20 μ up to 230 μ and different barrier levels.
  • These films can be used with tray sealing, thermoforming or flow pack machines or for lamination, printing and vacuum pouches production.
  • Our products are conceived for different applications: packing of meat, fish, diary and bakery products, dried fruits, nuts and much more.
  • Different barrier levels and broad functionalities like lock seal, peel, anti-fog or reclosable are characterizing them.