Software Formula

We offer a solution, not just a product!


Formula is the software created by INTRAMA, that ensures easy, reliable and secure management process of databases. It is is a flexible solution, suitable to be adapted to the specifics and needs of each customer. Formula enables full control and effective management of an entire business process.

Formula is the perfect assistant by monitoring and managing of small and medium organizations. Our software is excellentl solution for industrial enterprises and various types of retail outlets. 

Our system will help you organize your business processes even better and minimize mistakes. The goal of our system is to reduce your operational information processing costs, optimize productivity and response time, and improve synchronization when performing various activities.



Formula helps you make the right decisions based on up-to-date data. This software product serves as a powerful analytical device that provides information about conditions and trends.

Our system, built of flexibly designed modules, can be a tool for managing your business. Each module can be configured to help describe the business processes in your company or store. With the automation that we can help you build, you will not save on human resources, but will direct its attention and efforts to the points and processes in which it is indispensable!

Our software specialists are at your disposal. They will advise you in choosing the most appropriate functionality, will help you in describing the business processes, will implement the system in a short time and will take care of the smooth organization of your business.