Recyclable packaging

INTRAMA has developed recyclable vacuum packaging with a recyclability class "AA" 90 - 95%, certified by the Institute "cyclos - HTP" - Germany.


INTRAMA is responsible for long-term sustainable development. We have invested our long years of experience and professionalism in the production of the most appropriate solution, which has achieved both reduction of environmental footprint of flexible packaging and uncompromising protection of the packed product.


Why choose recyclable packaging for your products? 
  •         Because you are a socially responsible company that strives to protect nature and prevent its further pollution
  •         Because you will build an environmentally friendly and competitive product portfolio that meets the objectives set out in the EU's circular economy and waste reduction strategy
  •         Because you will meet the requirements of retail chains for the use of recyclable packaging
  •         Because it is important for you that your brand and products are in line with both your corporate goals and the growing tendency of end users to choose environmentally friendly and organic products. And the most appropriate way to present this type of product is recyclable packaging
  •         Because you are a company of action - you are always first and followed by others in the industry


Why order recyclable packaging from INTRAMA?                       


  •         Perfect barrier properties
  •         Excellent preservation of the taste and freshness of the packed product
  •         Maximum protection throughout the shelf life of the product
  •         Recyclability certified by the Institute cyclos - HTP Germany
  •         The production processes in INTRAMA are carried out according to the requirements of BRC Global Standard, ISO 9001, ISO 22 000


Thanks to our individual approach and solutions tailored to the specifics of each production process, INTRAMA has developed recyclable vacuum pouches and packaging for thermoforming lines: