Automated packaging solutions

Increased productivity at a constant speed and continuous packaging process.    

This is no longer a dream. You may achieve it with INTRAMA’s robotized solutions for automated product packaging.   

Robots are versatile and universal machines with various applications. Their successful integration into a single synchronized production line requires a thorough preliminary analysis of the industrial process and the right choice of the appropriate equipment.  


An automated packaging process specially designed for the food-processing industry and adapted to the specifics of a certain production environment.

With our experience of over 25 years within the field of food packaging, we have developed our automated packaging solutions to be completely adapted to the specific production environment and products. They contribute to lower production costs, constant high quality and foreseeable implementation deadlines. The combination of high performance of continuous operation with lower production costs and avoidance of the risks of manual labour increases safety and efficiency.  

All the machines and robots, produced and integrated by INTRAMA into the production line have been made of materials in full compliance with the requirements for contact with food products. They are resistant to the aggressive production conditions such as moisture, hydrochloric, alkaline and acidic vapours. The lack of manual processing of the products and the washable robot design, with an IP67 protection degree, guarantee a high level of hygiene.

The varied automated packaging solutions of INTRAMA have been made by a high-end industrial equipment and intuitive operator control interface. This way, the optimization of repeatable production processes that require precision, speed and reliability become easy and fast.  


The automation options vary according to the production environment and the product being packed. We present hereby a part of the INTRAMA’s solutions for an automated packaging process: