INTRAMA TF Control with patent

The innovative method for cotrolled thermoforming INTRAMA TF Control has received a patent from  the European Patent Office. 


Innovation. Insight. Passion.

 At INTRAMА, we have been dedicated to food packaging for more than 30 years. We always think ahead and develop new solutions, innovations and technologies to make the packaging process as efficient, qualitative and cost-effective as possible. INTRAMA puts continuous effort to follow and encourage the introduction of good sustainability practices, to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities and to help our customers do the same.      

Innovations are at the core of our business. This is not casual but a result of our fundamental corporate goal – continuous improvement of our products and solutions in view of refinement of the packaging process. We, at INTRAMA, do not introduce innovations for their own only because of the new in general. We work in a close collaboration with our customers to understand what they really need, what problems they have and what challenges they should overcome. We listen to them, we mutually collaborate and we provide solutions actually needed for their productions. All of our new products are first tested in a real customer production environment before getting widely introduced.

Our passion for innovations, search of progress and our profound knowledge of the thermoforming process have resulted into the latest elaboration embedded in our thermoforming line INTRAMA Accent:


An advanced method for controlled thermoforming INTRAMA TF Control


In thermoforming by the innovative module INTRAMA TF Control, bottom film meets the forming matrix base thus being accompanied throughout the drawing depth. This method ensures more even film extension along the packaging walls with no excessive thin neither tearing at the corners. As a result, the work with thinner bottom films becomes possible even at a deeper thermoforming. This way, the waste of film and products due to improper packaging is reduced on the one part and on the other – the impact of the packaging process on environment is narrowed. All this is being perfectly implemented by the beneficial economic outcome of working with a thinner and more cost effective film rather than thicker and more expensive one.   

At the innovative method of controlled thermoforming INTRAMA TF Control, the film drawing depth is being defined by a sensor system. Cutting and throwing film away, placing and taking forming plates out of the forming section remain in the past! Drawing depth is adjusted from 15mm to 100mm with a 5mm step by a thermoformer’s control panel. Each desired depth can be saved in the programme as a ready-made recipe, which automatically adjusts the drawing depth at a subsequent selection.   

The format tool is exceptionally swiftly and smoothly replaced. An easy access to the lower forming section is provided, where the entire forming package is taken out and a new one is placed.

The system for controlled thermoforming INTRAMA TF Control provides two modes of operation: standard forming of bottom film with automatic adjustment of the drawing depth and the innovative INTRAMA method for thermoforming through accompanying the film along the entire drawing depth.



-       Reliable protection of your product due to the more even film drawing along the walls and the corners of the packaging;

-       Waste reduction;

-       Stop throwing film and food away;

-       Change of the packaging forming depth through a thermoformer’s control panel with saved desired settings – fast, easy and convenient;

-       Start packing with up to 20% thinner bottom films. This is possible even at deep forming;

-       Reduction of the ecological impact of your activities;

-       The advantageous economic effect of all this is a certain and continuous indicator.