INTRAMA Statement about SAVE FOOD membership

INTRAMA is proud of our membership in the global initiative SAVE FOOD! Due to our own experience on our developing market as well as because of the challenges we are faced with on the Balkan, INTRAMA feels very familiar with the goals of SAVE FOOD.

Our company slogan: “We help to make food more valuable” aims to put INTRAMA’s mission in a nutshell. Our goals as well the goals of SAVE FOOD mean that in order to make food more valuable, its value, that is constantly compromised by food loss and food waste, needs to be protected. On our market, INTRAMA has already provided many contributions towards that goal:

Since 1994 INTRAMA has supplied technical system solutions to our customers in the sectors of food processing, food packaging and food retail in Bulgaria. Our system solutions consist of machinery, consumables as well as technical services and software. After the year 2000, INTRAMA expanded further to Macedonia, Romania, Kosovo and Serbia.

The food market on the Balkan is characterized by small and medium sized local manufacturers with a long tradition in food production. For those customers INTRAMA is covering the whole value chain from “slaughterhouse to food retail at the point of sale”. In particular for solutions as for food packaging, INTRAMA is one of the leading suppliers, doing pioneer work by establishing modern packaging systems on the markets of the Balkan.

Over the years, INTRAMA expanded its production activities to include pouch making, film extrusion, label printing as well as manufacturing of packaging machines. INTRAMA is one of only a few vertically integrated producers who is able to offer to our customers complete system solutions from one source.

INTRAMA grew up in a region where there is still high potential for development in the food industry. Due to this fact, we know the problems and requirements of food producers working under similar conditions. On our markets, the whole value chain of food production shows high demand for preventing food waste and extending shelf life of food on the way to the final consumers. In particular due to the low income of people on the Balkan, food spoilage is a severe problem calling for professional solutions.

To conclude: While INTRAMA has the experience and know how about the specific challenges for the food industry in developing markets, it offers the right system solutions which are meeting those requirements with its own production. Based on our experience, we are convinced that INTRAMA is able to provide a contribution towards realizing the goals of SAVE FOOD.

Even beyond our Balkan region, INTRAMA would like to support SAVE FOOD by preventing food waste and food spoilage and hereby keeping the value of food and helping to make food more valuable!