Best practice tour at INTRAMA

Within the "Annual Theme of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GBITK) for 2022 - Sustainable Economic Growth", INTRAMA hosted a visit for exchange of good production practices. Members of the chamber and customers of the company visited INTRAMA's plant for flexible packaging in Trakia Economic Zone - Plovdiv and got acquainted with the developed solutions by INTRAMA for an optimal balance between food storage and reducing the ecological footprint of the packaging process.

The official guests of the event were the honorary consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Plovdiv, Mrs. Mariana Cholakova and Mr. Tim Kurt - president of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The participants of the event witnessed a demonstration of a packaging process with the thermoforming line INTRAMA Accent and the developed by the company recyclable vacuum films, certified in the German institute "Institut Cyclos - HTP" with recyclability class AA - 90-95% in the LDPE waste stream.

As part of the program, Mr. Stoyan Ivanov - expert marketing at INTRAMA, presented on the topic "Recyclable packaging and sustainability: Balance between food storage and the ecological footprint of the packaging process. The main highlights of the presentation were the sustainability program developed by INTRAMA "Reduce for a better plant use". The long-term goal of the program is to increase the efficiency of multilayer barrier packaging by reducing the input raw materials for its production. In the short-term, the program aims to help food processors create a more sustainable and competitive product portfolio in the context of the goals set in the EU strategy for circular economy and waste management. The instrumentarium to achieve the goals of the program includes the thinnest 11-layer laminated high barrier film with anti-fog in the world - TOP IN L HB HT 35 AF. Thus INTRAMA contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of the packaging process, both at the production stage  due to the less input of raw materials, and at the consumption stage due to the reduction of the thickness of the used film and generation of less waste at the end of the life cycle of the packaging when packaging the same amount of food products for the same shelf life.

The guest speakers at the event were Mr. Pavel Panderski - manager of Eco Resolve Ltd., who presented the challenges of recycling in Bulgaria and Mr. Walter Gotz - doctor of polymer chemistry, who presented on the topic "Looking into the future: Chemical recycling of plastics ".