INTRAMA received the highest possible class "AA+" of BRCGS

We are pleased to announce that INTRAMA has achieved the highest possible 'AA+' grade during the first for the company unannounced audit of British Retail Consortium Global Food Safety Standard (BRCGS).


The difference is in the plus!

Due to our commitment to maintaining high professionalism, combined with a drive to achieve high goals and ambition, we chose to undergo an unannounced audit of our production and printing of flexible packaging in the highly-technological plant near Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Companies who participate in the unannounced BRCGS audit choose to be challenged at the highest level, confirmed by the plus sign at the end of the score. The auditor may arrive at the company any time after a certain date, so everyone needs to be ready at all times


The scope of INTRAMA’s approval for the international recognized certificate for high quality and hygiene is applicable to manufacture through blown co-extrusion, flex printing, multi-layer lamination (solvent free), slitting and conversion into pouches or roll-stock of multi-layer flexible films of PP, PA, PE, and EVOH with high, medium or low barrier for food contact, cosmetics and household packaging.

The achieved result gives us the confidence to continue focusing on customer satisfaction, long-term partnership, successful cooperation and high quality and hygienic production.


About BRCGS:

British Retail Consortium (BRC) is organization founded by British retailers. BRC publish a family of food safety standards referred to as BRC Global Standards aiming to outline quality, safety and operational criteria to ensure that manufacturers provide highest level of protection for the end consumer.