INTRAMA is winner in a national competition for best package

INTRAMA  received an award for best package in an national competition "Prize Pack 2022" in the category of plastics and composite materials. The purpose of the competition is to award and promote innovative packages for food and beverages as well as new packaging materials and technologies. The competing packages must meet the highest requirements in terms of food safety, to guarantee functional storage and transport, to be user and environmentally friendly. 

The award is for recyclable vacuum package for thermoforming lines. The package is a combination of bottom 9-layer co-extruded transparent 140 microns  film and top lidding  11-layer laminated  60 microns film. The bottom film has excellent mechanical properties and transparency. It has superb performance with thermoforming lines manufactured by INTRAMA - INTRAMA Accent as well as with other packaging equipment. The recyclable bottoms film undergoes physico-mechanical testing in our laboratory in order to monitor its strength and stretching properties. This way we ensure its quality and evenly distribution of the individual polymers in its composition when thermoformed. The top lidding film has excellent adhesive properties and forms a high quality package that preserves the shape, color and freshness of the product. It gives very good gloss and strength to the final package. It is certified by "Institute cyclos - HTP" - Germany with recyclability class "AA" 90-95% in the LDPE path. Due to its recyclability, the balance between food waste prevention and reducing the environmental footprint of the packaging process has been achieved